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  1. General Discussions
    I am getting ready to make "new and improved" next boxes for my birds. I would like to paint them white - if this is safe for the birds. Can anyone recommend a brand of paint I can use?
  2. Loft Designs
    What diameter are the nest bowls? I have been reading that each breeding pair needs 2 nests, is that 2 nest bowls or 2 boxes? Is it better to make one long nest box to house 2 bowls or smaller boxes for 1 bowl each? Is it better to have some room in the nest box, like walking room outside...
  3. General Discussions
    How vigorously will a hen defend a nest box? Here’s a scenario: An older pair has occupied the bottom nest box for several years. The older cock bird dies and the older hen pairs up with a widowed cock bird in the top nest box. Will a lower ranking pair be able to move into the now vacated...
  4. General Discussions
    hi all, Icarus has a big guinea pig cage that he sleeps in at night. I let him out and he likes to hang out on the bookcase during the day, or on top of his cage. He goes in and out of his cage on his own. Does he need a nest box inside his cage? He sleeps on the perch, but I'm wondering if...
  5. Loft Designs
    Hi everyone, I have many feral doves in my garden but I've noticed there are a lot of rats walking around in the bushes and trees! So when they build their nests in the trees they are in definite danger (plus there are stray cats here). The doves like to nest on the walls of the house itself so...
  6. Loft Designs
    OK, hopefully this will be my last line of questioning on the loft! I have searched the forum and the web to find basic plans for building nest boxes for my loft - I purchased 6 of Foy's Standard Nest Box Fronts. They measure 12 x 24", and we're planning on making the boxes 16" deep. I want to...
  7. Loft Designs
    I need to make some nestboxes but I am not very good at using tools or working with wood. I need them to be no bigger than 12x12x24 and stacked 4 or 5 boxes high, similar to this picture. They need to be free standing. The fronts don't have to be fancy. I don't breed at all. I just need some...
21-27 of 28 Results