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  1. General Discussions
    Hello! I am getting back into the sport after being out of it for 27 years.I will be in the Fort Meyer/Lake Suzy area on the Gulf Coast from March 17th thru the 1st of April.I will be constructing a new loft when I return and would like to visit a few lofts to possibly get some ideas and to meet...
  2. Homing & Racing Pigeons
    Hello All, If could go back in your racing career to your 28 year old self and give him advice on starting his loft, which types of birds to get, and where to get them from what would you tell yourself? for the past 4 years ive been reading everything i can. when choosing breeders and the...
  3. Pigeons & Doves Wanted & For Sale
    Hello All, This is my 2nd attempt to get into the pigeon racing sport. my first attempt ended after i built a small loft and acquired 10 birds, but 3 weeks after i got them the housing authority made me get rid of them. since that time 4 years ago ive been aching to get into the sport and have...
  4. Homing & Racing Pigeons
    I posted an introduction earlier so now Im going to try and give posting pictures a shot. Bare with me if it doesnt work first second or third shot....lol. So these first 3 pics are of my friends and I picking up the loft from a flyers house who was looking to retire. We boomed the loft over his...
  5. General Discussions
    I am new to the sport of Racing Pigeons. This is my First year of training and racing. I started out with 30, im down to 2 birds left after training. I done what I was told to do. However, Could I not have the Quality of birds people talk about needing? These birds I bought cause someone...
  6. General Discussions
    morning, i want to race, first get a BIRD,if the bird has a tag with year number how to getahold of me is that good or no.then what next.thanks
1-6 of 6 Results