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    EDIT: I've come to a decision on the matter. I don't seem to be able to delete my post so I guess I'll ask a more open question: Would anyone care to share interesting stories about bonds between birds?
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    hello there! i'm not sure if this is where i should be posting, but... come new year i will be owning my first pigeons! i was looking for some advice on how large the loft should be for two pigeons. also, i know that birds of the opposite sex would get on better, but how do i prevent eggs? or...
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    Hello guys. So I just newly paired up a racing pigeon. They kissed already for the first time. But when I put them in my nest box, the cock pigeon fights the female pigeon. Why do my cock pigeon kick the hen out from their nest boxes?
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    Hii I am Pigeon owner . I want a quick suggestion on what aviary size is sufficient for a pair of pigeon, As Summer is coming the temperature is going high day by day so I thought it would be better to make a small aviary for pair of pigeons inside home so that they will be safe from high...
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    So I had a pair for about 4-5 years now. The female was a rescued bird and had this problem of not accepting any other pigeon, but in the end she paired up with a male I bought and released them when they were all good but they chose to stick around like they stay 2 floors above me, the female...
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    Is it okay to make a pair of pigeon in which one (let's say female) has small beak and other (the male) has long beak. They do mate but I am not sure if they will be able to feed their kids properly? The kids can be long peak or short peak or both. :o Just for example, if this is the female...
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    I have been having a hard time finding anyone I trust with these doves, got some very strange responses on Kjiji and Craigslist, people treat them as objects. Its highly disturbing. I bought the male of someone in Montreal because I saw him in a canary cage on kijiji, just broke my heart...
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    Looking for two well socialized female doves. Any colors are fine. Living in Los Angeles, CA
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    Hey guys, just the day before yesterday, i noticed my male pigeon sit on the nest during daytime, and when i come visit them in the evening, i saw my female pigeon sitting on the nest and the male was just hanging around beside her but not in the box. My problem is, they're sitting on a nest...
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    Hi there I'm looking for one pair (Male and female) Frillback pigeons but don't seem to have any luck finding around Houston, TX. Does anyone have a Frillback pair for sale at a reasonable price? I'd love to buy one. ♥ :-) PS. The photo I got off Google Images.
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    Hello guys. I bought a pair of pigeons, which i think is of both sexes. They are already together in the cage for 2 weeks. The female pigeon is a bit older, and the male is younger. On my previous post, someone answered the male looks 1.5 months old and the other is slightly older. But every...
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    I'm so disappointed.[SIZE="3"]Today, i let my pair of pigeons fly around our neighborhood for the first time. It was 1:30pm afternoon. They were caged for 2 weeks. And i released them full, they are not hungry. At first, they flew over our roof top. After 2 minutes they flew up high and turned...
  13. Homing & Racing Pigeons
    Now that I know that my pair is really a pair of both sexes, how do you pair them?. When i bought them, they were caged with many other pigeons. And I chose them because they were the prettiest of all of the others. And thankfully the pair that i chose were male and female according to the guy...
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    I bought a pair of pigeons 3 months back, :) One was male n iwas sure , the other shows feminine characters , but now both cooing and entering different lofts , sometimes one same loft, :eek: :eek: they are but paired, they r beaking... what should i do???:cool:
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    So, I had this dove for the longest time. There was a sale coming up for birds and I figured I would go to find her a mate. Well I came home with a breeding pair. So now I have 3 doves. :o The female is starting to nest. And the male is doing his little dance to try and impress his mate. I don't...
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    HELP: Proper Cleaning with New Pair and Egg Hey there! This is actually my first time ever in a forum and making a thread, so I apologize if its not in the right forum or something. I'm also new with pigeons so yea. So I bought a pair of blue bar satinettes about a week ago and the breeder I...
  18. Pigeons & Doves Wanted & For Sale
    ]1st pic is a horseman proven thief cock and 2nd is his hen. Proven cock in raising young and in the art of thieving. $100 for the pair + shipping and box.
  19. Pigeons & Doves Wanted & For Sale
    I have decided to sell one of my American Roller pairs that I intended to breed from this year. Need to make some more room in the loft. American Rollers: 2012 Red Cock and 2011 Yellow Hen. $40/pair plus cost of shipping and box. [email protected]
  20. Small Talk
    Hi everyone, Thought I would post this just for fun. The attachments are of my baby meyers parrots (3 weeks old) who I am hand-rearing with a baby pij, they are absolutely adorable together. There are 4 but the youngest baby flies less than the others and usually chills with pij. Together they...