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    I owned a single parakeet until last year, when family friends decided it was cruel to have only one, and gave us another one. That parakeet, unfortunately, was ill, and died soon after, and once again, the family friends decided it was cruel and gave us another one. I had enough trouble taming...
  2. Archive - Other Birds
    Folks, there are 82 parakeets in the East Valley Shelter in Van Nuys CA. If you can find a way to adopt some of these birds, please do. A few of us are working on getting these birds out, and I am not up on the latest info, and to be real honest, we're a bit disorganized unless someone took...
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    Today I bought a pair of parakeets! They are the first parakeets I have had in years. The male is blue and the female is bright yellow. I have never kept a pair of them before!:D I dont know what to call the female yet; but I think I will call the male Ferris. I got them today at a flee...
1-3 of 4 Results