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    The blue tag reads NBRC D2766 2007. I was wanting to find the owner if possible. The bird is healthy so if I can't find the owner the would it be ok to cut the tags off and let it go?
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    this rings only 0.2usd/pc . and can production according to your request . the MOQ is 100pc . look the picture ~! and don't worry the shipping . we can send to you by any way . have fast . and cheaper ``:D
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    pls see the picture ~ we are the factory who production pigeon rings and bird rings . we can production personal rings . any quetion pls contact : [email protected] :D
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    My grandpa used to race pigeons my entire life, he is no longer with us and I was looking for sone old racing pigeon bands to make something with for my mom for Christmas(keychain or something), I've been all over the Internet with no luck. I'm willing to pay for these naturally. If anyone can...
  5. I found a pigeon or dove - now what?
    When I went to work today at the cow Dairy I found a patch of feathers and among the feathers I found a pigeon band. I didnt work last night and I wonder if he got injured in the high winds and the barn cats got him. wish I could have been there. I try to protect "My" wild flock. I have never...
  6. I found a pigeon or dove - now what?
    This fellow showed up sunday morningat our home in SW Ontario Canada last week. He hung around for a couple of days and then went missing for two days but now he is back again. I say he as it seems more like a male bird than a female.. Can anyone help with a band identification? FS 03 EA 637...
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    So I was training my birds and mixed in 3 young ones that were doing well on thier training......I released my birds about 3 miles away and one of the young ones seperated started flying with some local pigeons. So I get home and sure enough.....missing one..... 6 whole days went by and I get a...
1-7 of 8 Results