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  1. Sick or Injured Pigeon and Dove Discussions
    I am currently breeding 8 pair of pigeons and about half of them have diarrhea for the last month. I have given vinigar in the water and it helps them a little but doesn't solve any of it. Also some of the diarrhea is grey in color which I never seen before. Also some are feeding young and the...
  2. Products and Equipment
    In case anyone would like to have a look I just published a freeware program Pigeon Breeders Records https://chavers.wixsite.com/free-pigeon-records
  3. General Discussions
    Hi experienced fanciers, Recently I god very good baby pigeon which Im 100% sure about his original blood line :) , still not sure about his or her gender :rolleyes:, I want to know how I can cross him or her with other pigeons and after some generation how I can get close as possible to my...
  4. General Discussions
    Emmet and Cleo finally paired up, they've been preening each other often and even rest together.. There's some billing, but not a full blown bill in mouth yet.. Yesterday night Emmet had gone into the bowl, crouching and grunting..his wings twitching. I'm not sure if that's him saying " this is...
  5. Pigeon and Dove Genetics
    I adopted a lost male racing pigeon. I would like to get him a companion but don't want to breed them. If he's a rock racing pigeon would he mate with a king pigeon or fancy pigeon? Would the eggs be viable? Thanks.
  6. General Discussions
    Hello, I have a pair of homers that have two fat healthy 16 day old babies and today the hen just laid her first egg for their second batch. They are alone in a separate small loft. I'd like to switch out the male to try to get some pure white birds. Anyone have experience switching mates mid...
  7. General Discussions
    Hey guys, so I've been looking at some different breeds of pigeons to add some diversity to my flock, I was looking for any info you guys have on them. Are they a flying breed, are they suitable for homing, does anybody have some for sale? Etc. Thanks guys!
  8. General Discussions
    Hi How difficult is it to break a pair??? I have a slight problem. I have one mixed loft. The PLAN was to have a breeding pair of lahores, a breeding pair of Triganinos and my pair of rescues. The problem is that when I bought the birds, because of the circumstances of one of the breeders...
  9. General Discussions
    At the moment I have a tiny dove cot, made for 1 pair of pigeons. However in the next few months I plan on building a small loft 5'9" high, 4-4.5' wide and 3' deep. (I kept it small so that later on if I decide its working well and I can expand I can build another identical loft next to it) I...
  10. General Discussions
    Hi Just watched an interesting video on youtube about ash red cocks. However at one point the speaker says something that really confused me :/ That she doesn't release her breeders because they won't come back!!! I don't doubt her because she obviously knows what she is talking about a hell...
  11. General Discussions
    hi, i was flying some of my birds today and this one landed with them. Anyone know what breed it is? thanks
  12. General Discussions
    Im new with breeding pigeons. How long does it take for pigeons to lay eggs? Please Help Me I have more questions..:confused:
  13. General Discussions
    the hen has laid an egg today and im expecting the other one in the next two days. what will their babies look? i don't know the background of the birds. What colors will i most likely get? the cheq is the male the all black is the hen
  14. General Discussions
    Hi I have five white doves in my Mixed breed loft and all of them never bread But I no there's males and females. Can pair them up And put in a breeder? And do you think I'll get any babies? As I really won't lots of white ones. And thanks
  15. General Discussions
    I have bought a spot of fantails who were not a pair at first but after leaving them together in the same cage they started to show interest in each other . Today in morning when I went up to my hitched I have seen fantails kissing and feeding each other. Is it sign that they might be mating...
  16. General Discussions
    i recently bought a pair of pigeons from a shop. the guy told me they are already paired. they have been in my loft for about 8 days now but when ever they go next to each other they peck one another, fight and start cooing can you please tell me whats happening?
  17. Homing & Racing Pigeons
    How does one actually breed a better quality pigeon ? I had attempted to ask the question in a previous thread, "What is a quality pigeon" with little response. My thinking has been if one is not even sure what a quality pigeon is, how then would one would proceed to try to produce one. I have...
  18. General Discussions
    Who knew charles darwin keeped pigeons, but it makes sense being a naturalist and geneticist and all. i think he had fantails, pouters, and some other birds.:D
  19. General Discussions
    I have 2 pigeons 1 male 1 female . I really want them to breeed but they dont like each other. How long will it take foor them to mate? How long till her egg comes out? thank you
  20. General Discussions
    hey everybody, as you know I just got my pair of frillbacks last week and after finding out the worms my pigeons are feeling better! Now I am trying to tell which is which, one bows down to the ground and makes soft cooing noises when the other shows interest, the one who bows down is larger...
1-20 of 27 Results