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  1. Loft Designs
    I recently moved to Florida from new jersey and I'm building a new coop out here and suggestions on building a coop in this hot and humidity weather?
  2. General Discussions
    I am building a new pigeon coop and I was wondering if anyone had advice on what I can put on the top edge to keep cats off the roof. It is 4 x 7 and 7 ft tall. The problem is the back is next to a fence with only about 1 foot of clearance. If I put chain link or chicken wire on the top edge...
  3. Pigeons & Doves Wanted & For Sale
    Take a Look at this Not bad for the Price.It a Good start For Some people. http://orlando.craigslist.org/gms/2505801586.html
  4. Loft Designs
    i wanted to know was this coop or cage is ok for pigeons i know its not a real loft but i need a new hobby an i wanna get a few homer pigeons or homing doves or whatever u wanna call them. i don't have big bucks to spend on this just something i wanna do but yea i wanted to know is this ok if...
  5. Loft Designs
    Ok I got these two Pigeons and we built this coop without having much knowledge about the basics of the coop. I had the Pigeons in the carboard box and we had to built one fast so we built this one. How I got Pigeons is totally a different long story. I would like to know if this is a good...
  6. Archive - Small Talk
    Any recomandations on the size of the coop I need to build:confused: and with what materials and the essentials like wter bowl and nesting box. Thanks Leopard:)
  7. General Discussions
    As in a 3wk old pigeon if they claw or bite you will they give you rabies or something? Also when is a good time to start feeding a 3 week old pigeon as to say they were rescued from a bad situation.How do you feed them and how should i provide them with water?
  8. General Discussions
    Pick up a copy and turn to page 32. .. cutest antique pigeon coop ever....Looks like something right out of France 200 years ago. The woman that owns it has turned it into a guest house. There are several pictures of her as well with some pet pigeons, one of which is on her head. Very, very...
  9. General Discussions
    Ok, was feeding the pigeons today and a cop came up to me and said it was illegal to feed the pigeons, that he wouldnt hassle me about it, but others would. I mentioned that there were some citizens hassling me, and pointed to the building, and he said he knew all about them they have come to...
  10. General Discussions
    my female homer laid her second egg 2 days ago and started to sit on them ... i have been in there several times over the past 2 days and have not seen the male sitting on the eggs once and also the female keeps getting up off of the eggs.... any advice or reasoning to this?
  11. General Discussions
    :D I think I'll be in trouble with my wife for this one.......... My son was playing outside all day. I went out to clean the pigeon coop. He always has to see the birds. So I grabbed a youngster to see if he would hold it. He was so proud of himself. He packed it around the yard and had...
  12. General Discussions
    Hello my name is Tyler, I have been here on PT for almost 2 years but really didnt pay alot of attention for the first year. I really havent talked much about myself so here i go. I am 14, Enjoy watching my birds, I have been in pigeons since i was born my dad use to race with the up north...
  13. General Discussions
    I am VERY new to pigeons. We recently converted a chicken coop into a pigeon coop. Our pair (Homers)now have two young babies ! I have read all kinds of advice on how to release them, time of day, distance, and how to get them to come back inside. I need to know what kind of trap door I...
  14. Archive - Small Talk
    My husband just bought me one of these today. The one I wanted is up in Winchester, VA, so the dealer is having it brought down tomorrow. We'll probably pick it up Friday morning. :D http://www.dodge.com/en/2008/caliber/
  15. Wild or 'Feral' Pigeons
    I have moved here From general discussion as I now know the bittersweet story of my Pigeon Boy. My neighbor rescued two babies from under an overpass in town. She hand fed them, but with the intention of returning them to the wild, did not handle them much. The One Who Flew Away and Pigeon...
  16. Hey

    General Discussions
    well i am now dealing with pigeons i have 3 pigeons, i have no idea of the genders but i will learn eventually, a question to ask, how to tell the breed and gender of a pigeon i am not sure if my pigeons are tumblers,rollers or homers. Q#2: i have had the pigeons for about a week now how long...
  17. Archive - Pet Pigeons And Doves
    Friends, My wonderful pet (devoted single young pigeon) "Birdy" flies freely around my apartment most days; he sits on my windowsill and looks outside, watching my backyard bird feeder and passerby neighbors. He is such a great pet to me... he sits on my lap when I watch tv, and coos in the...
  18. Loft Designs
    Well we finally got started with the "loft project" I had planed which seems like forever, the final loft will be far from what i had envisioned based on "red rose starter loft design" After much discussion it was finally decided that a more conventional build "stud walls" would be used...
  19. Loft Designs
    First off this is my first post and I have just got started into pigeons. I built a pigeon coop 4x4x6 and bought 6 homers for breeding. I've had them for about a week now and can see that I need/want a loft for the food storage and room and after looking at them on the internet. Anyway to my...
  20. Archive - Other Birds
    I know this is not about pigeons. But I have been quite busy over here lol. I relocated a Opossum that was in a residential area (Arround a school). And I took him to a nice field away from cars that has a creek. As well I caught a snake too.