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  1. General Discussions
    dear concerned,last night-[sun-1-27-2019]- I watched the craziest program,it was co-written by mike Tyson ,--there is a pigeon in it,-cartoon type program.-I think the pigeon is the brains of the gang,..-there is this couple which need a new house within their means,.after looking at a couple...
  2. Pet Pigeons And Doves
    Hi, I adopted another pigeon for my handsome boy Kiwi and he doesn't seem to like her. He must still be mated to me and he doesn't seem to understand that we've broken up. They are together all the time in an outside hutch and he only sees me a few times a day when I'm changing the food or...
  3. General Discussions
    **note that my keyboard has become wierd, so any question marks will be replaced with an É :( ** It appears Tripp and Tundra...sorta...like each other.. They always sleep together, and they are always close together, and share a perch, and even groom each other! Do you think theyre in pigeon...
  4. Pigeon & Dove Stories
    As many of you know, I took in a number of pigeons from a sanctuary in Malibu that were all suffering from both PMV and paratyphoid. Of these birds, there were 4 white Kings. One of them did die of the illnesses, but the other three recovered and were doing well. All of a sudden, two of the...
  5. Archive - Pet Pigeons And Doves
    Dear friendly readers, I thought about making a thread where you can talk all about your birds. I love my birds (of course you do too:)) and i would love to talk about them all day long:rolleyes:(I do it all the time). How about you show off your birds and introduce them to the world...
  6. Archive - Other Birds
    I don't know if this link will work...but it is such a cute little story!! www.lifelounge.com/news/default.aspx?tag=LOVE
1-6 of 6 Results