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  1. Need help !

    Hey guys found this guy in my terrace today. I have no idea if I’ve posted this to the right place. However he can’t fly and won’t drink or eat. Came across your site and was wondering if anyone here can help tell me how to care for this guy. Not sure if he’s even a baby but based on images I’ve...
  2. Archive - General Discussion
    i've been feeding whole grain and switched to pellets and what a mess. there droppins are a mess. will they dry up? fuzzy
  3. Sick or Injured Pigeon and Dove Discussions
    Hello! Well sometimes you just run into a site, THANKS!..I really need some info!! Husband found a pigeon at work being attacked by a cat. He "Shooooo'd" the cat away. But the pigeon was bloody at the tips of it's wings. He decided to bring the pigeon home. It doesn't have any tags. So I'm...
  4. Homing & Racing Pigeons
    [/SIZE] can any one explain what the light system is and how would i put it into practice, what should the feeding be and how long should the youngsters be on the light
  5. Archive - General Discussion
    Hi all, does anyone know of or use a type of food that builds up the fat reserves of pigeons/doves. My 2 doves have been outside for 3 weeks now and I noticed that when I stroked the male his breastbone was sticking out. I feed them on a mixture of finch and small pigeon seed, I have increased...
  6. Archive - General Discussion
    Hi all! Been a busy few days, but Mel and Misty are doing really well! Mel has been gaining weight and growing, woohoo! I'm absolutely thrilled with how he's been growing these past few days. He's not caught up with Misty, but he's sure trying, lol! They are both 16 days old today, btw. I have...
  7. Archive - General Discussion
    :) I'd like to show you guys a picture of our most recent "unplanned parenthood" because I'm trying to determine her sex (hence the name Lucy Clyde) -any help in determining if she's a "Lucy" or a "Clyde" will be very much appreciated! Please let me know how to show you her picture. I have a gut...
  8. Archive - General Discussion
    HELP!!! My brother keeps bringing home injured animals, for my 77 year old parents to nurse back to health. Cats, dogs, pigeons, even crawdads! Okay back to the pigeons. Rosco and Gianni. Rosco passed away a few months ago after bringing us all many years of love and joy. Gianni...
  9. Archive - General Discussion
    Hi. I've almost run out of Exact Baby Bird Food. Does anyone have any ideas for something I could feed my 2 and a half week old pijy for a few days? :confused: FX9U <- That was Lil Black, My pijy. :D
  10. Archive - General Discussion
    does any one know what sunflower hearts are? Can pigeons eat them? My mom bought a bag a bird food which I usally do and it has cracked corn in and she wont take it back and she said" it wont hurt the birds and if you you dont like it you can pick it out." Well to me if you were to shuffle it to...
  11. Archive - General Discussion
    Just dropping by to say that afer rescuing the 2 adult pigeons, and letting them go, having a sad experience with a baby sparrow (infection spread SO fast through his tiny body) but he led to us finding a volunteer rahabbing group that we've now joined, we now have pij #3. His name is Stewy, and...
  12. Archive - General Discussion
    i found out from my rehabber the best food u can give a baby pij is the corn and beans (pigeon food) blended up into a powder then mixed with water it makes it grow quiker and gives it a stronger imune system + plus stronger bones. ------------------ Robert
  13. Archive - General Discussion
    Hi, We had a beautiful snow white pigeon that has been trying to hatch eggs since last summer. She had maybe 6 different sets of eggs that never hatched but then changed boy friends and they laid eggs about 20 days ago. Day before yesterday she was killed by a cat and our other 3 pigeons...
  14. Training and Behavior
    i am starting to train my birds and i want to know how some people do it. please e-mail me at [email protected] to tell me your ways. thanks
  15. Archive - General Discussion
    Is it ok for pigeons to eat Hemp seed? I ordered it from a place my Vet suggested. Harrisons bird foods. They have a separate company that sells organically grown bird food. My Vet didn't suggest I give my pigeon Hemp seed, he gets organic pellets. I remember reading about it here...
  16. Archive - General Discussion
    Anyone, I have a pair of runt pigeons that have been completely unsuccesful at raising any young. My pair has just hatched some young for the first time in about 6 months. I fear that they are either being neglected, attacked or not fed and will die. They have hatched about 3 sets and...
  17. Archive - General Discussion
    I have 2 racing/homers. They are setting on a egg. They have Diarrhea, I dont thing I have them on a very good diet. I dont know to much about diet. Dose anybody have any ideas. Not to technical please. Thanks Bob
  18. Archive - General Discussion
    This is a new topic for the same pigeon I've been attempted to treat for the past two weeks.- See "End suffering. Humane way of putting down?" for history. A few days ago I switched to baby pigeon pellets (from grains) as I have to hand feed with a lot of fighting from Mr. Pigeon. I'm happy...
  19. Archive - General Discussion
    End suffering. Humane way of putting down? Yesterday I caught a pigeon in my yard that was unable to stand appearing drunk (which I know can be a symptom of west nile..but at this time of year I strongly doubt). Although I do not think it is New Castle..I could be wrong...could be poisoning...
  20. Archive - General Discussion
    Can anyone tell me if there is anything to use to clean the pigeon coop that is safe for the birds? I know I am to scrape out the cage often which works fine for dry droppings but the wet one are a mess. Is there something I can use from home? Vinegar water maybe? Thanks Shelly
1-20 of 42 Results