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    Hi all!! It has been awhile, I have moved and do not have my computer hooked up yet!! So here is my dilema!! I work and live on a gorgeouse estate in New York and we have horses and donkeys here which means we have barns. In our one barn we have aquired two pigeons, I am assuming they are...
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    I came across this web site today, and thought it might be of interest to the members here: http://members.aol.com/duiven/recovery/recovery.htm
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    Hi Again everyone! I know this is silly but does anyone know how long a pigeon can live? aside from the normal dangers of predators is the time that they live in the wild different than that of captivity. Thank you all in advance for any responses. Robo Squab
  4. Archive - General Discussion
    I love pigeons and I would like to start a pigeon rescue I would like to help find homes for disabeled,disformed,retarted and homless pigeons but how?????????
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    Hi everyone, I really just discovered this site. I have been reading some of the messages, and i think that it is wonderful that so many people care about pigeons and take injured and ill ones into their home to nurse them back to health. I have been thinking for a while now about possibly...
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    Hopefully my family will move into a house in the March of 2002, and I was hopeing to start a pigeon rescue. To be truthful I don't know anything about taking care of pigeons! 4 years ago I had a budgee but thats the only experience that I have had in taking care of birds. Does anyone want to...
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    Carl Gulledge: My bio, Here is a little information about me, I hope it is informative and that some of you regulars will also post some information about yourselves here on Pigeon-Talk. My name is Carl Gulledge, I am 61 years young, and married (for 42 years) with five grown children, self...
301-307 of 307 Results