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    First of all sorry If my english is bad as I am not a native speaker. So I was walking down outside my building just now and I have found a pigeon whose neck seems to be tilted in one direction and he is not able to move it in other direction and also I found a cut near his abdomen, after seeing...
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    Hi, I found this pigeon who is unable to walk and is not eating/drinking anything since morning. I'm attaching picture. After researching, I think its leg is paralyzed. please help as soon as possible to save its life.
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    Location- San Juan Capistrano, Ca Current status- Secured Right as I was leaving work these people pointed out a pigeon just laying on the ground. I jumped the fence with my jacket and tried to pick it up. The pigeon wobbled away with one wing flopped on the side of him. I grabbed some gloves...