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    I am no longer able to take care of these guys as I'm really allergic. I have 17-20 beautiful spotted and normal pigeons... DAds are French racing pigeons and original mom was a racing pigeon. Three babys at the moment.. Need to go.. Located in California [email protected]
  2. Adoption Forum for Pigeons
    Hi Everyone: I have 17 pigeons in my aviary and need to find good homes for several of them. There isn't enough space for all of them, and a few are missing a lot of feathers because they keep fighting. There are several solo males and a few mated pairs. I won't split up the mates. I can send...
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    I have two adult pair and two young Archangels that need a good home. I live in Newnan, GA which is a little southwest of Atlanta If interested you can send me an E-mail at [email protected] thanks John
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    I own a white dove release business and I just recently had to relocate. I can no longer release any of my birds. I will keep at least 10 pair for breading and will give the rest away to good homes. I have at least 75 birds. Thanks so much. Ray P.S. I am a new member and I hope I am doing this...