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  1. Loft Designs
    I have been looking all over the place for a small 4 bird pigeon loft but all I can find plans for is for 20+ birds. I have one pigeon who I think is a female but I want to get 3 more birds from a friend who is getting out of pigeons. I also want a cheap and easy plan because I don't have a lot...
  2. Loft Designs
    We have run out of room in Palomar I so we cannot delay any more. I was planning to start the expansion last March and time has escaped me and like many others I getting over crowded. Our flock of whites if growing. We need room to separate the flyers from our foundation stock. So we will be...
  3. Loft Designs
    I found this link which shows pigeon loft plans and fixtures that squab farmers used to use. It has full of drawings and plans. Check it...
  4. Loft Designs
    I'm going to be helping a friend rebuild a 4-car garage into a loft for "dove release" white homers this summer. The building measures about 48 feet long, 30 feet deep and maybe 12 feet tall. It has 4 roll-up doors that measure about 10 feet wide. The general idea is to have four seperate...
  5. General Discussions
    Have wild Doves in my garden in Ireland have been feeding them for years they have become very tame trouble is in the spring they go away to nest and many get taken by sparrow hawks so would like to build a small Dove Cote for say 3 pairs to nest in but can not get dimensions to build one could...
  6. Loft Designs
    I was searching the internet for some basic plans, when I came across this at Stans Plans http://stansplans.com/pigeonhouse.html Not a loft ofcourse but good standalone addition...
  7. Loft Designs
    I was just wondering if anybody out there has a loft design that could fit 10 roller pigeons and could be inexpensive. Thank you!!!
  8. Loft Designs
    Drop trap!! Does anyone have 'Drop Trap' plans? I'm renovating my kit box and looking into making a better trap. I already have the plywood, 1x1's, and dowel rods. Help is greatly appreciated! God Bless, Kevin
1-8 of 8 Results