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    Hello all, I am at uni, but was at home during the weekend. Last night Poppy became very unwell. She is suffering from heart failure. My Mum and Dad thought she wasn't going to make it. Poppy is in desperate need of prayers and healing. Please could you pray for her healing. She is only 10...
  2. Archive - Small Talk
    Hello all, just a message to ask for your prayers for my Poppy dog. She has heart disease and is at a cardiologist at the moment as she's been coughing for the last 11 days. She's being sedated and having an ECG, ultrasound and X-Rays. As a steroidal anti-inflammatory drug literally stopped all...
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    http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMtE0Iz9x-g Here's Poppy rockin' out with Miley!:eek::D He is one happy birdie, he likes to whistle and sing ALL DAY!:cool: -Lisa
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    Well, Poppy has joined my YB's, will learn to trap and will be a free flyer along with the young ones. I honestly have no where to put him except in a pen by his self and I tried that for a week and he was just pitiful. He would beg me to come "play" with him every time I came into the loft...
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    Here's a couple of pictures I snapped of Poppy today. He'll be three months old in another week. He's really turned into a pretty boy and YES, HE's a HE!! Scooter gives him a bit of a hard time, but I'm going to put them in the big loft for the winter so they'll have plenty of room. After...
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    Well, since it's supposed to pour down rain for the next 2 days, and Poppy will be 8 weeks old on Friday, I snapped a few pics today. He's molting and looking a little rough round' the edges. LOL But, he's still my sweetie.