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  1. Non Pigeon/Dove Pet Bird Discussions
    This bird settled in my back yard last spring and made it a habit to show up for food really early in the morning before the other robins. She had one leg that was less infected and was able to perch and stand on it somewhat. One day, she showed up even more crippled as her one working leg...
  2. Non Pigeon/Dove Pet Bird Discussions
    Hi Everyone, Anyone have information on deworming a pet starling using Quest (moxidectin 2%)? I have a 8 year old pet European starling which I have not dewormed ever. She's lived all by herself her entire life and is highly imprinted on me. I noticed in the past couple of weeks that has...
  3. General Discussions
    I want to worm my young birds as I have recently picked up several from different lofts. I picked up a 0.4 ounce tube of 2.0% Quest Gel Moxidectin from the farm store. From a previous post I searched.... The question I have is how much to prepare in one gallon of water. This mentioned it...
1-3 of 3 Results