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  1. Show Pigeons
    Hello I am interested in one day getting a pair of archangel/gimpel pigeons, not for showing but simply because I think they are very pretty. This would be in at least 4 years due to uni stuff and they would need to live with two feral's. I was wondering if there are breeders in the UK as I...
  2. Pigeons & Doves Wanted & For Sale
    CHECK OUT VARIOUS PIGEON INFO ON YOU TUBE COPY & PASTE https://www.youtube.com/user/ColorPigeons/videos?view=0&shelf_id=0&sort=dd
  3. Show Pigeons
    I live in North Carolina was wondering if anyone knows where I could find some Giant Runts. Would love it if they were in NC. If anyone knows of anyone would you please message me. Thank you!
  4. Show Pigeons
    Do you raise any of the 250+ breeds of domestic pigeon for show, performance, utility, or plain enjoyment? Are you looking for a local, all breeds pigeon club that: 1. Promotes fellowship with other pigeon fanciers? 2. Stimulates the hobby with youth involvement? 3. Offers a fun, friendly...
  5. Pigeons & Doves Wanted & For Sale
    Hello everyone, This is to inform you of a new website. I am a pigeon and animal fancier, and have developed the worlds first online auction system for animals. As a kid I searched for crested helmet pigeons through adulthood and could not find the pigeon pair I wanted for almost 15 years. I...
  6. General Discussions
    hi all i'm looking to get into breeding show breeds such as lahores, fantails and saxon fields but i am just wondering if they can fly or not. can you please list show breeds that can not fly. i don't want them to fly because sometimes we have hawks in my neighborhood and I've lost many birds
  7. Pigeons & Doves Wanted & For Sale
    These are the 40 breeds I keep!! Saxon Priest-Saxon Monks-Figurita's-Old German Owls-Chinese Owls-English Owls-Archangels 7 colors-Starling-Pheasants-Turner Rollers-Moreheads 4 colors-Frillbacks 7 colors-Saxon Pouters-Silesian Pouters-Hana Pouters-English Pouters-Horseman Pouters-Gaditano...
  8. Pigeons & Doves Wanted & For Sale
    Im posting this forum for a friend who is wanting me to sell his pigeons. He has Oriental Frills, Old Dutch Capuchines,American Fantails, And Giant Runts he also has pigeons at his house he might be interested in selling. He has Mookies,frill backs, Archangles, white homers,some rollers...
  9. Adoption Forum for Pigeons
    These 2 young birds showed up at my barn a week ago. They are grayish/lilic/ with white heads. No other white. They are banded with the NPA but when contacted, the NPA says they did not record 20 band numbers with these birds' consecutive numbers being in the middle of that batch. I have been...
  10. Pigeons & Doves Wanted & For Sale
    if any one has russian tumblers,blondenettes,tiger swallows,lahores,indian fantails,bokhara trumpeters,english trumpeters,jacobins or any other fancy show pigeons please message me the price and what you have and if they are pairs. You can look at my birds that i have on facebook...add POULTRY...
  11. Show Pigeons
    take a look at my yellow .........
  12. Show Pigeons
    Hi everyone i am a new starter to the show pigeon scene and was wondering if anyone knows a good breeder who sells modenas and other breeds, I used to race pigeons but find it difficult to spend the time they need so was looking to get into showing them but don't know where to start. Any help...
  13. Show Pigeons
    What kind of breed is this, ive got this pigeon for a while now :)
  14. Show Pigeons
    hey can any one help me i was wondering if ne one knew what colour birds would be produces if i crossed an andalusion over a red check also is i crossed a dominant opal over a bluegrizzle ? hope some on can hekp thanks richard
  15. General Discussions
    hey i ran across this beautiful bird online on a website but they had no info on it other then it was a pigeon is it a homer or just for show
  16. Homing & Racing Pigeons
    I need help desiding what bands to use when it comes time , i want to race my birds and show them also, i see like 4 different type what should i do? i see AU, IF, NPA & IPB to show and race can i use just 1 band or do i need 2 different ones, i was gonna use plastic snap bands of pink for hens...
  17. Pigeons & Doves Wanted & For Sale
    Hi I am looking for any pigeons in Wisconsin. Mainly around the fox valley area but will drive. I am looking for any pigeons besides rollers and homers. I'm not looking for the top of the bloodline best pigeons in the world just some that i can watch fly around. Thanks for your time.
  18. Useful Links for Fanciers
    Cool social network for pigeon fanciers http://www.worldpigeon.org
1-18 of 27 Results