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  1. General Discussions
    Hello there guys, I am a new (or returning) member. Some of you may remember me, not sure who all is still around. My old user name was flash_and_stash. Back when this was Pigeon-talk.com. Couple quick questions. Does LA still do the Pageant of Pigeons. And 2 are there any Hungarian House...
  2. General Discussions
    Im looking for shows in north west Georgia area
  3. General Discussions
    this is our favorite show of the year ,that we strive to go to . http://www.readingpigeonassoc.com/winter_bird_show.htm
  4. General Discussions
    Does anyone know of any pigeon shows in or near philadelphia pa. thanks
  5. Show Pigeons
    heather is well on her way to the big show that reading pigeon association has in Jan. her black brunner pouter won best cropper out of 25 croppers/pouters at the white rose pigeon association show on nov. 10 . she has one more show that she is going to on nov. 23 . she has given several of...
  6. General Discussions
    Where can I find a list of world-wide Pigeon & Bird Shows & Conventions to attend?
  7. Show Pigeons
    Any one know the date and time of Emigsville PA show ???
  8. General Discussions
    Can anyone tell me if there are any upcoming pigeons shows in the NY, NJ, CT area?
  9. General Discussions
    How do you guys know when pigeon shows happen in your area? is there like a general website to check? I'm in New Jersey. Hopefully someone can help.
  10. General Discussions
    I am trying to figure out if my birds are showable or not. I am very confused as to weather the shaking is a fault. All that I have read about these birds says that the shaking is normal and their upright stance seems to be very common. However the standard is no shaking and head burried in the...
  11. General Discussions
    Forsyth Fowl Fanciers Spring Show(Winston-Salem, NC) November 26, 2011 Location: The show is held in the Poultry & Pigeon building at the Dixie Classic Fairgrounds. http://www.dcfair.com/contact/maps-directions/ 421 W 27th St Winston-Salem, NC 27105 Has anyone gone to this? If so, are...
  12. General Discussions
    Anybody got a list of pigeon shows coming up this fall? Thanks in advance
  13. General Discussions
    When and where are the pigeon shows in California? I'd love to attend one.:)
  14. General Discussions
    Hi me and my brother are 16 and are going to show pigeons this year at the county fair. We are not looking for 300 $ pigeons just some that would do good in the fair. I am looking for any pigeons that you think or know will do good in the show or you wanna sell. We already have trumpeters...
  15. Show Pigeons
    The National Pigeon Association will be having the Grand National Show in SAN DIEGO on JAN 6,7,8, 2011,at the TOWN AND COUNTRY RESORT & CONVENTION CENTER . if you live in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. don't miss this show we expect 6000 birds at the show. The show is free. This show will also celebrate...
  16. Show Pigeons
    For those that might be intrested in Saddle homers take a look at our web sight http://www.saddlehomersusa.com/ those that live in the San Diego area, I will be at the San Diego Metro Pigeon club on Saturday April 3,2010, and will have some saddles.GEORGE;)
  17. Archive - Pet Pigeons And Doves
    Here are a few pics from the show i attended saturday:) http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/minipaul7/CountrySideLiveShow#
  18. Show Pigeons
    I am new to show birds. I have Indian Fantails and now Frillbacks. I would like to see a show or two to learn and meet people with with the same kind of birds. Where and when are there any shows in or near Georgia. Thanks for any help, Tony
1-19 of 27 Results