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  1. General Discussions
    Ok so I have 2 pigeons. Both are from the same nest... (I hand raised them do to a raccoon killing the rest of the flock an only the babies was left...They are also now house birds) anyway I put some new perches in their cage as of yesterday. And tonight my oldest one is picking on the youngest...
  2. General Discussions
    I don't know much about the behaviour of pigeons but the six week old tumbler siblings are getting rather friendly - is this just play learning and can they still both be females?
  3. General Discussions
    A pair of pigeons laid their eggs in my bathroom window. The parents stopped feeding the girl early on. And yes I knew she was a girl and the other a boy. Anyways, I bottle fed her and put her back under her parents for incubation. She grew up and everyone flew away. The girl and boy continued...
  4. General Discussions
    Is that a problem in breeding with biological siblings ? Im new on pigeon, some told me that if a biological sibling is pair, their breeding will be defected. Is that true ?
  5. General Discussions
    hi people, i have these 2 young birds 5 months old, brother and sister. now when i got them the breeder had experience with them for years and he had told me that they would have chicks within 6 months... i was kinda concerned about the inbreeding sequence but i didn't wanna separate them has i...
  6. I found a pigeon or dove - now what?
    Hello. First off I'll let you know that I live in Kingston, Ontario, in case, like you said, someone is nearby and can provide assistance. Secondly, a quick summary of the emergency in case you are not interested in the details: I have an injured squab on my balcony. It's sibling hurt it...
  7. Homing & Racing Pigeons
    Does anyone have an experience racing the offspring of half siblings? Because I do only have limited breeders, 2 cocks and 3 hens, and I,m just focused on them and avoid introducing another lines so I can distinguish my best pairing.. All of my race team are almost related to each other, I mean...
  8. Homing & Racing Pigeons
    :confused: I was wondering if i could race both siblings.. As I've heard, only race the one which you think has the competitive advantage from the other.. How would I know? Does the other one might not perform well? Can you please give me some advice about this.. Thanks
1-8 of 8 Results