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  1. Homing & Racing Pigeons
    With the exception of a couple of well known and successful breeders, Mike Brown and Mark Kellems, I'm unable to identify any succesful flyers. If you know of any, please send me their name, email address, and website information (if they have one). I'll contact them, obtain some more...
  2. Pigeons & Doves Wanted & For Sale
    Hi guys, I bought these 4 pretty birds for a good amount of money , but having to give up all of my birds because of my townhouse cocky management. I can not belive that It is happening to me. The owner tolled me that I am not allowed to keep the birds. so either give up the birds or move...
  3. Pigeons & Doves Wanted & For Sale
    http://www.pigeons4sale.com/cgi-bin/auction/auction.pl?category=EBS&listtype=current I wanted to post this for the president of the club, he did real well in young bird season and his stock is good stuff he spares no expenses on his birds and often gets pigeons from Canada. 150$ for 2002 Sion...
  4. Homing & Racing Pigeons
    Howdy. I have been considering purchasing some Sions from Sky Lake Sions and wondered if anyone has any experience in racing them? I know that bbcdon has some, but as I understand it, he only recently got them and has not raced them yet. I ask because they SEEM to be too pretty. On their web...
  5. Homing & Racing Pigeons
    which loft has good sion birds? if possible post web page
1-5 of 5 Results