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  1. Small Talk
    Its near or at the peak of the gardening season, I'd love to see yours! Bonus if you can get a pigeon in the shot Lol. Here is my flower bed with my gorgeous gladiolus. Please share yours Sorry for the sideways pictures you get the idea haha
  2. Small Talk
    Just wanted to share. I collect wasps and hornets nests... :D Enjoy EDIT sorry about them being upsidedown lol
  3. Small Talk
    This weather is taking its toll! Beginning to look like a duplicate of last year!!! Share your thoughts on this "arctic takeover" lol!:mad:
  4. Small Talk
    Has anyone noticed that the advertisements are gone!! At least they are on my PC:) I hope it stays that way. Them advertisements were anoying:)
  5. General Discussions
    I just talked with the fella that give me my racing homers, I wanted to know what family they come from, excuse my spelling, I know its wrong. I hope I can't figure this out. I know Jannsens, thats what my birds are and some have Dewark and Vandevel, is this the right spelling. Sorry, I should...
  6. General Discussions
    Do pigeons just have the hardware in their brains to know how much grit to eat? Should it be offered at all times or just occasionally? Also, is oyster shell a good additive to the grit. I love grits, but ours are a little different. I like mine with a little bacon! True Question. Randy
1-6 of 14 Results