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    :confused:does anyone else own pigeons, starlings in savannah? i don't like being the only person i know in the savannah area that has them. it makes me feel lonely:o:(:p
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    i have pigeons now, but every summer i help my rehabber friend with her starlings. she and her partner are the only rehabbers in the savannah area (that i know of) and she has me take her starlings and her pigeons. they have all been to a vet before they come to me (mostly all with a clean bill...
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    Seems these little fellows had their nest built in the scoop of some guy's backhoe. Bad place when the guy wants to use his backhoe. Cute little fellows, they're baby Starlings. All mouth and screeching right now but in a couple weeks I'll put them to work getting rid of all the bugs in my yard...