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  1. General Discussions
    We are praying for your safety, please check in and let us know how you are. GEORGE
  2. General Discussions
    Just wondering how our PT members in NORTH CAROLINA are after the storny weekend hope and pray that you all came out ok GEORGE;)
  3. I found a pigeon or dove - now what?
    I live in Tucson, Az and we had a VERY large windstorm with scattered micro bursts today. A nest blew down from an extremely high palm tree, it had a couple fledglings in it and one survived. 'He' has almost all of his feathers but his tail and flight feathers are still very short and coming in...
  4. Homing & Racing Pigeons
    Looks like the storm has just arrived here in the Los Angeles Area. I think this time, my loft can withstand it. I put a big plastic cover on top just to make sure the birds stay extra dry :D Anyone else taking extra precautions for the storm? I hope your birds stay warm and dry :) God Bless Kevin
1-4 of 5 Results