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  1. General Discussions
    What mix feed should i give to my Racer pigeons in summer?
  2. I found a pigeon or dove - now what?
    I've found two baby pigeons 6 days ago, their parents died and I've been feeding them since then. Now both are about 20 days old. Previously I used to keep them in same place as their nest, I just used a large card board cartoon. The place where nest was pretty safe and cool ( even in scorching...
  3. Show Pigeons
    White Rose Pigeon Association is holding its summer show on Sunday, August 7, 2011 in York, PA. there will be fanciers from PA and surrounding area along with birds for sale. http://www.whiterosepigeon.com Thanks, Link
  4. General Discussions
    I was just wondering where all the hawks in my area went??? I am so psyched that my birds can just play around now. Its either they've migrated or they are just not hungry for pigeons because they have other prey, but I have not spotted a single hawk for over three weeks, so it may be possible...
  5. General Discussions
    Pics of my figs posing! Hope you like it!
  6. General Discussions
    Hello- I've checked with my local USPS Live Shipment contact and he says that it is safe to ship birds year-round because the birds are kept in climate-controlled situations throughout. He says the same limitations apply as in the spring- call a day before you ship to confirm that weather on...
1-6 of 6 Results