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  1. I found a pigeon or dove - now what?
    Hey everyone, So, no experience with birds whatsoever, but I live by the beach in Brazil and just found an injured pigeon (actually, she found me :p). There doesn't seem to be any experts in birds in my city and most don't even know how to diagnose a bird, but one of them gave her...
  2. General Discussions
    I acquired a baby Damascene Pigeon from a breeder on craigslist yesterday. By the way, my baby's name is Dodo. I believe Dodo is around 14 days old as I have done some research on the internet by looking at some pigeon growth stage pictures. I could be wrong, too. Anyway, I have been measuring...
  3. Homing & Racing Pigeons
    Is it OK to use the same syringe on the same bird for three different vaccines? Thanks, Don. I mean for PMV, POX, and PARATYPHOID.
  4. Sick or Injured Pigeon and Dove Discussions
    Hello. Something like this was never meant to be my first post, but as luck would have it... I picked up my feral pigeon from the vet today, after he spent the better part of three days at the animal hospital. I was wondering if someone could help me with properly injecting antibiotics into...
1-4 of 4 Results