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  1. tea

    Products and Equipment
    Do anyone prepare tea in large batches and store in the refrigerator? Will it lose its benefits if this done?
  2. Performing Breeds
    Hello. Has anyone used green tea on pigeons. A doctor, not a vet, on Youtube says its an antiviral for humans and rats. Sounds good 2 me. Thanks.
  3. Sick or Injured Pigeon and Dove Discussions
    Hi has any one ever given there pigeons oregano tea? what benefits does the oregano tea have, can it cure or prevent any bacterial infections. Me personally I'm a big believer in using natural remedies in preventing and curing any problems that might creep up ( bacterial etc ) like using...
  4. Wild or 'Feral' Pigeons
    My pigeon has taken a liking to my cups of tea. I should not have let her have a taste in the first place, but now she likes it and comes over for some when I have a cup. I am worried the milk and sugar may upset her system, does anybody know if this will happen?
  5. General Discussions
    Hi! Sorry about posting so much lately, always needing to learn about them pigeons :D I've been told by my vet to give my Pipi Camomile Tea...got told to dip the tea bag into water for about 5-10 seconds, take it out, and give it to Pip as a drink for a day. I've never heard of human teabags...