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  1. General Discussions
    i am haveing a problem getting my birds to go in the trap when i whistle this is there second day out and they seem to trap good should i keep traping while i keep them up or still let them fly please help
  2. General Discussions
    does any one feed there birds dried fruits as treats im having problems with my birds trapping . a mistake i made and now im trying to fix when they come home they just sit on the roof and i cant get them to trap i down to letting out 2 birds trying to entice them in well that don't work today...
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    General Discussions
    ok i have five sqeekers that was gave to me i have them in a 2ft by 4ft cage have it close off where they won't get wet but still can see out as well but no trap i ordered one from foy's and bands for my new babys they will be here in 3 more days first of all how do i get started in...
1-3 of 4 Results