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  1. Pigeons & Doves Wanted & For Sale
    Hey guys, sadly i have to sell my pigeons and a kit box that i built for the Iranians. I have 4 2011 Uzbek tumblers. Two 2011 Iranian high fliers, that are tumbling, they just need some work on their flight time, i had been flying them for only about 2 months. also i have a mixed breed that i...
  2. Pigeons & Doves Wanted & For Sale
    Hi, i am selling me Uzbek tumblers,. i have 4 mating pairs right now and 3 more that will start to mate this up coming spring. I have not flown these birds because of they are so precious to me. I have 13 brown Uzbeks, 5 mature and 8 young birds, 2 white Uzbeks, that are mating, and 2 dark gray...
  3. Performing Breeds
    can tumblers for one reason or another lose there tumbling ability ? regards Eamonn Tarleton
1-3 of 3 Results