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  1. General Discussions
    Hi people, i was wondering if anyone could help me out i breed about 50 YB'S this yer and they was dying. They was going light and green poo and some would have water coming out of mouth, i was wondering what it could be and could it stop this from happening again when i breed. Cheers ;)
  2. General Discussions
    Here is a picture of some of my tumblers :)
  3. General Discussions
    i had high flyers for 2 years now i started with a new tumbler kit just bought 30 pigeons... in this post i will be adding my day to day progress and mistakes and new things that i learn :P First thing is First you need a loft specific for the tumblers...
  4. Performing Breeds
  5. Breeds - Information & Identification
    Turkish tumbler is an ancient breed, that has been perfected through ages of selective breeding. They come in many color combinations and varieties. All of them must have muffs, and has to tumble when they fly. Being a performance breed color is considered of less importance, but it is possible...
  6. Pet Pigeons And Doves
    I just joined the forums after some facebook conversations led to me getting an offer of a free tumbler pigeon. Let me back up. I am newly divorced and recently had to move back in with my parents. I'd been hearing how good pets are for those who are depressed and lonely after a divorce, but my...
  7. General Discussions
    I would like to start by saying hello to all! I have been trying to get into pigeons for quite some time. I finally bought a house & do not rent anymore so now I can proceed. I reside in NJ. Question 1 : Where to buy a coop for fancy pigeons? Question 2 : A reputable place to purchase fancy...
  8. Performing Breeds
    This is Bootsie, a rescue we got last year who I understand is a Tumbler. Anyone any idea what breed (or is it 'variety')? The owner dumped him as a squeaker and made it very clear what his fate would be if he were returned!
  9. Show Pigeons
    Hi my friends Another Cute yellow longface in my loft http://pigeon-photos.blogspot.com/2010/10/yellow-english-longface-tumbler-pigeon.html Thank you all M.Hassan
  10. General Discussions
    Hi all, I am Uday from India. Please check my site for Indian Tumbler Pigeons @ http://tumblerpigeon.webs.com/
1-10 of 10 Results