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    Pictures will go in order like this: Youngest-older-now. You guys will know what is what lol, or I hope so. Enjoy, I decided to put all the pictures, old or new, on this thread so the people that haven't been following can see the journey.
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    Hi I felt that it was time for some updates. :p 1) Charlie (is what I decided the call my little pigeon) is doing good but we didn't get the supplements and the tape stuff yet. We have to wait till the 3rd of May to be able to purchase them. Question: is it ok to see bones? 2) The hen that I...
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    Hi. I just wanted to update you all. The two eggs I was incubating, one hatched but ultimitly died. The other one was dead before it reached the hatching stage. Pretty soon I will be getting new additions to the loft. I will try to post pictures as I know we all love 'em! The pair that I...
1-3 of 3 Results