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water additives

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    What's up guy's? Just have one question 'bout the garlic :) Do you guy's think that it's okay to keep the garlic in a jug with water for over 3 days now? Any thought's would be appreciated, Thanx Folk's! God Bless! ;)
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    Just set out the pigeons "swimming pool" and they are like kids in summer! Could I add anything to the water to control lice and mites? Also, I would like to grow some healthy greens outside the aviary for them to snack on. i have some garlic chives that they nibble at and wonder if anyone has...
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    Ok so I have been a lurker here for quite some time. I read a bunch and try to pick up what I can. After a year of planning I have my loft built and ready for pigeons. I am starting out with 12 blue bars and then we will see. One question I have is what do you all ad to your water and how...