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101 White Homing Pigeons for Sale.

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I have exactly 101 white homing pigeons for sale for $15.00 each in Dayton, Ohio. They may be picked up or I will ship if neccesary.
Shipping cost $24.00 for a box that will hold up to 12 pigeons, $10.00 handling and express shipping charges from 45410, on 4 pounds for the box plus 1 pound per pigeon, to your zip code.
Shipping can be calculated at:


If interested please call me at (937)570-6088 or email me at:

[email protected]

Please take a look at my website at:


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Wow :eek: That's a bunch of white birds! Good luck with finding them new homes :)
Just looked through your pictures. Just wanted to add you've got a lot of pretty birds. Those saddles are beautiful!
Thanks, Mary.
I need to get some pictures of some of my breeders up on my website for everyone to see.
I am just not very good at taking pictures of pigeons.
My digital camera is slow and by the time I take the "perfect pic", the bird has moved; sometimes completely off camera, so that I have an empty box in the picture, with a departing gift from my subject on the bottom.

Would you take $10 bird plus shipping/handling?
Sorry Ron, this time of year with the demand for good breeders to produce young birds to train for the Spring weddings, which usually pay $200.00 or more to release 2 birds, I won't sell them for less.
I have around 60 adult, white homers for sale and 8 young, trainable whites. I have a lot of young whites still in the nest.
I currently have around 40 white adults for sale for $15.00 each and 14 2009 hatched whites for $25.00 each.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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