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1st flight not so good

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I am new to flying pigeons. I opened the loft for the 1st time I had 6 yungsers about six weeks old I have had them for two weeks. Only one came back there are 3 in the tree next to the loft I think the other two were flying around about 8pm. I closed the loft about 9pm. I didn't feed them all day, maybe they eat in the morning.
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Don't worry. They will come back and trap tomorrow. Did you train them to respond to food call? As long hawks don't get them first, they will be fine.
Did you use some sort of settling cage on the landing board for a couple of weeks before letting them out? This gives them a chance to learn their surroundings without having full freedom. They can also come in and out of the trap so they learn how to come back in the loft.

Four out of the six are in the loft the other two must of played with the hawks
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