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Hi everyone! First let me thank you in advance for your help.

So, I found a baby pigeon about 12 days ago (it must have been 9-10 days old at the time). It was desperately trying to get inside a mechanic shop near my house but it was late and the shop was closed. My guess is the nest was inside since there is a patio, anyway this is not relevant. I waited around to see if the mother would show up but she didn't. Given the amount of dogs in the area I thought the best option was to bring it home.

The baby was naturally afraid, but since it was still little I could manage to feed it gently. I was feeding it baby formula mixed with mashed premium dog kibble (as advised by vet). Now that it's older and flies really well, it's become impossible. It won't even let me get near. I introduced it to baby seeds a few days ago but I'm not sure if it's eating. I was advised by the vet to only feed it in the morning and then at night (only if the baby is not eating on its own). I was able to do this for a few days, but now I just have to trust that the baby is eating on its own.

Do you have any tips as to know if the baby is eating?

For the record, since the plan is to release it when it's ready, I didn't get a cage. The baby is staying in my bathroom. Whenever I enter the bathroom it stops whatever it's doing and goes still, so I can't catch him eating even if I wanted to. However I do hear it going around and making noise with the food container when I'm outside the bathroom. And its energy seems to be fine. It likes exploring the place and hanging out on the curtain rod.

The container I have for the seeds is deep and I've caught the baby hanging out in there but I don't know if it's actually eating.

The baby scatters seeds everywhere so I can't tell just by the amount inside the container either.

I can check the crop from afar, but it doesn't seem full.

I've been monitoring the poop. It poops quite a lot; they're firm and dark brown. So everything seems okay there.

If I can't find another way to check and if I can't get near the baby to feed it... what should I do? Trust that survival instincts are kicking in?

Sorry about the lengthy post, I wanted to be as detailed as possible.

Any advice is welcome!
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