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20 day old pigeon won't eat

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I found an injured pigeon a few days ago and i bought baby bird formula and vita-sol multi-vitamin. I tried to feed it the formula but it wont eat i try to open it mouth but the little guy or gal refuses to let me. SO i made the mix really watery and droped it on the tip of the beak it seemed like it was drinking it . oh the pigeon will drink on it's own. so am i doing anything right and does anyone have suggestions for me. if this is not the right place to ask this question please let me know.i live in central callifornia.
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Try opening its beak again, this video shows how:


Feed about 100 pieces of defrosted peas and corn a day.

Scatter very small seeds around him, he should become curious and start picking a few up.

Feed about 100 pieces of defrosted peas and corn a day.
Cynthia, I for one have found this video to be very useful, thanks for making it. I just wanted to mention to sketchin3d, that the 100 pieces Cynthia mentions would be over the course of the whole day (30'ish pieces each feeding) and not all at once.

Good luck,

Thanks Karyn...you are right.

Sketchin3d, believe me, I know just how hard feeding a youngster can be. I have a collared dove at the moment that I am hand feeding and am only managing 5ml at a time because she gets so agitated I am afraid she will have a heart attack (collared doves are like that). I reckon I will have to get up several times during the night to ensure that she gets enough nourishment.

ok thanx alot i will try it
I suspect the thread title should be 20 DAY old and not 20 WEEK old so have changed it.

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