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45 day old birds want'n to fly

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my birds are ready to train and it to windy and is to be windy tomorrow hopfully sunday I can let them out YAHOO!!!!! her are some pics learning the area

enjoy the pics kevin
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They are ready to be let out if they've been trained, but word of caution. The first couple of times you let them out, the weather should be darn near perfect. No rain, no high wind, plenty of sun.........once they've been out a few times and begin doing some flying, you can let them out in less perfect conditions, but at first, give them every chance you can to have a successful "out of the loft" experience.
ya that is what my mentor that gave them to me said lite wind and sunny it is to be that on sunday here and tomorrow sunny but 20+ winds so I am waiting tell sunday open the trap and let them come out on their own will keep ya posted kevin
Thanks for sharing the pictures Kevin! Exiting news about your birds! Can't wait to hear all about it. Keep us posted and maybe take pictures of them outside of the loft.
Nice birds. Good luck sunday, and enjoy the experience.
It is nerve wracking to release them the first time. They are scared, too, so they will fly on and off and go inside when they get scared. When I mean fly I mean just taking off, then going to the ground or flying on top of the loft roof, house roof and sometimes trees. Then they will make small circles. As they gain strength, they will make bigger circles. (I am talking about young birds here--not yet wing strong.)

My advice is to watch them. Make sure they don't get startled. That is the most important thing. Make sure there is no absolutely no hawks! My birds died that way. They basically don't have the strength to out fly the predator and basically they are too naive to recognize the danger.

Our forum member has this video which shows their training: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3B1Su5fp2I&feature=related
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You said you got them from your mentor. How old were they when you got them? You don't want them flying back to him haha :)

Anywho good luck with the first loft fly :)
i got them from my mentor and they had not been outside at all and i'm hoping that the winds will be low tomorrow is to be real sunny too kevin
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