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5 year old feral pigeon...

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I have five year old feral pigeon, a cock.. Is it true that untamed pigeons are stressed and need a break? How can i calm them and make them tame? Is it also true that feral pigeon has a less chance to win races? :confused:
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Has this bird been outside to fly? How did you happen to get this bird?

A feral pigeon may or may not have the homing instinct nor the qualities a racing pigeon has.

Stressed pigeons will deplete their immune system if they are that way all the time, but being stressed once in awhile is normal, as pigeons adjust to new situations.

You can tame any bird to an extent, if you hand feed them all the time, they will get to know you better, and calm down. If you have a wild feral, not sure how tame the bird will ever get.
Feral pigeons do not have the ability like the racing pigeons...They can not keep up with the speed like the racing homers fly...I'm not sure why you want to race ferals since ferals do not have the stamina like racers does...
Honestly, I acquired it from a friend 2 years ago.. This bird became 2nd place in north race back in 2005 (YB category).. He gave me the papers/race record of the bird.. Correct me if I'm wrong to call him feral pigeon.. Maybe I can describe him as untamed pigeon.. Sorry if I misinterpret the word feral..
If the bird is a feral and took 2nd in a race then it's a "Spuer Feral"! lol. A feral would be catagorized as a wild untamed pigeon born and raised in the wild/streets. There are also physical differences. If you google feral pigeon you can compare one to one of your racing homers. The bird you got from your friend is not a feral just an untamed racing homer.;)
Now its CRYSTAL....
Yep. It is a stray!
If he's a stray ... how did your friend have his 'papers'? Is he banded? If not, how was he raced?
If he's a stray ... how did your friend have his 'papers'? Is he banded? If not, how was he raced?

Yes, he is banded.. My friend bred him and it seems like the yb's are good.. A fancier told me, maybe it's just a characteristic that the bird got from their father, mother or grandparents who perform well in races.. I bred him once, the yb's are quite okay, but i haven't race them yet.. Maybe goldenboy is right, he is just a untamed racing homer..
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