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90 Iranian High Flyers For Sale

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90 Iranian High Flyer Tumblers For Sale

I have about 90 Iranian High flyer Tumblers for sale. Birds are from 10 years to a few weeks old.
I will be selling birds for $65+

************SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY**********
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u are askin too much i can get you same 1s for 50 a pair
u are askin too much i can get you same 1s for 50 a pair
Please stay out my thread if youre not buying. They sale anywhere from $50 to $200 a pair. I will let you know when i need an apprisal.
No need to get mad. He was just telling everyone that they could find a same breed with a lower cost. I think he wants you to show us reason why your birds are worth that much. not that im saying that they arn't worth that much.
Thanks MAINE. I just told u that price cuz i paid that price to get 3 pairs thats all there is nothin to be mad about. Hey if u can sell it for $ 300 a pair it woudnt matter to me its ur birds so sell it for what ever price u can get.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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