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a few questions

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I have two cocks of breeding age; I had only one female who mated with and raised two young this spring with Dr. John, one of the two males. One day I came home and found Moby, the unmated cock, on top of the hen attacking her and seemingly broke her neck for she died within minutes of my separating them. That left me with Moby, Dr John, and Dr. John's offspring. I advertised on Craigslist for two breeding age hens and some good soul with a fantastic loft of 100+ racing homers donated two to me last week.

Dr John has been keeping Moby away from the nest boxes, but Moby has chosen one of the hens and she him, so I put out a nest box in an area away from the other boxes yesterday and so far it seems like that will work out. Meanwhile Dr John is doing his best to court the other hen but she is so far not interested. Here is one of my questions--the unmated new hen has since she got here with the other one, about ten days ago, is flapping her wings partway up, not all the way as to fly, for quite a bit of time every day. Is this a stress behaviour which will likely settle out? The hens are in beautiful condition, and eating well etc; my coop is 8x8x6 1/2 tall.

Finally, when it rained it poured. Within a day of being given the lovely racing homers I also came by two Birmingham roller hens, but I put them in the hospital cage preferring that my racing stock mate. Eventually I may divide my setup so that some of my birds can fly free--ones raised here and/or ones I care less about, but in the meantime will there be some point at which I can put the two rollers in with the two pairs and the first offspring without upsetting them all?
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I think it is best to have only pairs in the breeding section, singles can cause trouble and peck at babies and disrupt things. as far as flying different breeds together, I have heard that it is not wise to fly tippler types with homers as they may take those too far off and then they may not make it back...but I don't know for sure as I only fly homers. and for the ones you don't care about, perhaps you should find them a new home instead of just letting them out to get lost...but sounds like you have all flying breeds so maybe that won't be the case...oh and if you do want purebreeds sometimes mixing the breeds you can have some hanky panky going on and there is a % age that you may get some mixes.
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