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A New Find

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Hi everyone, just stopping by to say hi to all and to share. I have been very busy at "works"( a term one of the kids use) and at my grandsons school lately.

Last Tuesday my son found a young pigeon that was very easy to catch. He brought the pigeon over for a check up. The throat was clear, but it would not fly and was very thin. There were no wounds, thought the area around the head looked like it had been beaten up a bit. It ate like there was no tomorrow! And drank a lot of ACV water mix.The poor thing was starving.

The next day, the pigeon received a treated bath, and I began probiotics and isolated the bird.

The iridescents around the neck are not as vibrant as a males would be, in fact look like Barbie Bluebars neck, so my theory is that it is a girl.

The pigeon (no name) is very gentle. It has been fattened up . The last couple of days we set it in the aviary by itself, and with the help of my grand boy's Hawkmaster and Coolpigeon, we have given her flight lessons and is doing well.

The boys have talked me into keeping her. This is the reason that I am not good at rescuing birds, as I have a tendency to get close to them and they adopt me. :rolleyes:

The rest of the Tooterville gang are all doing well. Clayton managed to get out again and left . Last fall he spent the night somewhere else, but returned the next morning. This time he was gone for under an hour. I found him clutching the door of the coop trying to get in.

I will try and load a picture tomorrow of the new pigeon. It looks like a little Rosco, but had brown tones on the feathers. Very pretty bird.
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Well done. I hear ya about the rescueing stuff........I don't think I could do it either.........I would get attached to every single living thing that would come my way...............
Look forward to seeing some pics of this cutie........might as well give it a name Victor......;)
* The boys have talked me into keeping her. This is the reason that I am not good at rescuing birds, as I have a tendency to get close to them and they adopt me. :rolleyes:

Hi Victor,

I'm glad to hear everything is well.

* That is always the hardest part of a successful rescue, I have an extremely hard time of it too....and I'm sure the boys were somewhat of an influence. She will have a wonderful life with the gang. ....maybe she will be Rosco's future mate?? :eek: That would be nice for him.

Thanks for taking the time to share your latest rescue, it's always nice to hear from you.
It's great to hear from you, I'm glad you all are well and the new pij is doing well too. :)
Hey there, Victor!! GOOD TO SEE YOU POSTING AGAIN!! Have seen your name as "on-line" and wondered how everyone in Tooterville is doing!

I KNOW your newest one will soon be REALLY living the good life! Gee, what more could a rescued pij ask for: food, shelter and a possible mate!

Mmmm, if you didn't have all that cold, I might want to move to Tooterville! :D ;)

Look forward to updates and pictures.

Love, Hugs and Scritches

Shi :)

It's good to hear from you and learn that all of Tooterville is doing well. Yep, they do work their way into your heart. I have the same problem. I just say, well, another mouth to feed isn't much. But what a wonderful way for your boys to learn compassion. Right on the front lines so to speak. Bet they will be pigeon guys their whole lives. The new baby sounds like a little love bundle. Will await pictures with eagerness.

Hi Victor! It's great to hear from you and learn of the latest in Tooterville! Congrats on the new feathered family member! Will look forward to pics if/when you can!

It is nice to see that others have the same problem that I do! "New bird "is being housed in a small animal cage that is just a tad bit smaller than the individual cages that my other 8 pigeons live in when they are not out in the aviary. It fits nice and snug on top of the other cages in the coop whenever they are in for the night. After closely watching the progress of the new bird and observing the poops to be nice and normal after the weight gain, it is now in the coop with the rest of the gang.Two days ago I introduced it to the variety mix that I provide for all all my birds, and it just loves the extra variety, such as lentils, split green beans and brown rice. Speaking of lentils, Tooter recently discovered that he really does like lentils after all. I accidentally added some to his mix when it was extra treat and variety day, and he found out that he had been missing out on this tasty food!

Hey Shi, last Thursday and Friday it was about 80 degrees and by Saturday, the furnace was on again. Nebraska is soooo unpredictable, I tell ya. The heat in Tooterville has been off for several weeks, but at night, we are still covering the front with a tarp to take the chill out. Warmer days are ahead and so will be the bath pans.

Picture will be posted hopefully later today of Mattie the brown pigeon as well as new bird ...oh, didn't I tell you? Mat decided to lay infertile eggs, so we modified "his" name.
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Victor, welcome to the sucker club. :p I have never seen a pigeon I didn't want to keep! I'm really glad she now has a great forever home with your family.

Looking forward to pictures of your new family member.
I took some good pictures of the girls all together in the aviary, and Hawkmaster took one of them all on my shoulder. I will try and post before Sunday night. Got to go to work now.:(
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