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Elizabeth has many King pigeons coming into the shelters in San Francisco and has placed a bunch this Spring.....read the King Car-a-Van story in the adoption forum...

But read this first...:D

... I was wondering...we make a big deal about spaying and neutering dogs and cats due to overpopulation and we encourage people to adopt instead of breeding....

...so maybe there are P.T. members who have not considered giving a home to a bird in need? How hard would it be for some of us it to take in just one or two more birds? I have a King in with my loft of homers...it's no big deal! And I have another bunch of Kings in an aviary full of doves, finches and buttons....they're all doing great. Most of these Kings are young, healthy birds. Granted they do not "DO" anything like race or home or roll or tumble...but that does not make them any less worthy of living. These birds (and not just Elizabeth's Kings....) are in this predicament because MAN bred them to eat them and then turned them loose or lost them or gave up...so more than most breeds, these guys are dependant on us and maybe, just maybe we have even a greater responsibility to care for those who we placed in peril. Just a thought.
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Also, if you're not into the white birds at the moment, I have some different colors/breeds up for adoption and any one adopted from me would be replaced with one of Elizabeth's kings. ;) So, you would be helping the kings but wouldn't necessarily have to have a king. I've got pictures of some of them if anyone's interested, and am open to shipping. These are of course pets. :D
I would be happy to adopt a couple, but I was under the impression that they would not ship. I posted last year that if any were found in my area, I would take them in.
I am still open to this. :)
How do you go about adopting some of these birds? is there a website?
I think they are into shipping now, and have started doing so. If they aren't for some reason, I am open to shipping and could replace mine with some of Elizabeth's. I would send an e-mail to Elizabethy if you want, as she doesn't always have a chance to check here, and find out if they're still shipping. I know there are a lot waiting right now for homes.

Elizabeth's website is http://www.rescuereport.org/, and has all the info needed to contact her and fill out the adoption application. :)
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