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I've signed up to seek advice as time is of the essence.

So I've been enjoying seeing a pair of nesting wood pigeons for a few weeks now. (photo taken on 07/06/22)
Branch Twig Terrestrial plant Grass Groundcover

Unfortunately, our neighbours needed access to the property today to have some work carried out on their wall. There was some very noisy drilling up on a ladder, very near the tree they're nesting in. Later in the day, I noticed neither parent was in the nest anymore, and I was concerned they'd abandoned the nest due to the commotion.

I watched for a few hours. No sign of them whatsoever, so I decided to get a ladder and take a look in the nest. Needless to say, the 2 chicks were not happy with my presence:

I understand that they get to an age where the parents tend to them less frequently, which is why I left them alone and kept observing. However I'm under the impression 1 parent would return to the nest at night regardless. As of right now (1AM) the two chicks are still on their own.

I'm guessing it's unlikely that the parents will return tomorrow, but I hope I'm wrong. Any insight is appreciated, along with advice on what to do if my fears are confirmed.
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