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Hello everyone,

I don't know if any of you will remember me, but I rescued a pigeon from the big city back in September. I came here and you all told me I had a "squeaker" and I really thought I had a female.

As months progressed and Belle got older, I realize that, Belle is most definitely a BILL, but that's okay I love him to pieces and because he knows his name is Belle...I've never changed it.

Anyway, Belle does a LOT of pigeon dancing and cooing. When Belle hears my voice he starts dancing and cooing. I swear if he could mimic words, this pigeon would talk english to me.

Belle is perfectly happy, healthy, adjusted to his flight suit, everything is great except one. His pecking.

The first time it happened aggressively was when he was on the bottom of his cage, cooing and dancing and I reached in to get his water dish out, he ran and pecked at my hand.

I think I said something like "gasp...Bad Belle!" and just continued about my business. Several weeks later, if Belle was at the bottom of the cage, I'd have a book in my other hand that Belle would run and peck/attack instead of my hand, and I'd quickly grab out what ever dishes I needed to change while holding Belle back with a book, finish up and leave him alone.

If he's up on his perch, I can reach in and he's okay and will let me bring him out and put on his flight suit, scritch his head and cuddle with him.

I've noticed that when he's dancing and cooing...it's usually not a good time to get him out, unless I feel like getting pecked, as that's when he's most aggressive...HOWEVER, if I just ignore the pecking and go ahead and grab him and get him out he mellows right out and is fine to handle, from that point forward.

I realize some of this is probably terratorial and the rest is probably hormonal.

Do any of you have any tips I can try to teach him that this pecking behavior toward us humans is not okay?

I've attached a picture of Belle and my husband having a snooze...the auto flash on my camera clicked up, startling Belle enough to open his eyes, just before the picture was taken, Belle was passed out, eyes closed, head flopped to the side, snoozing away. :)

As you can tell, this pigeon is totally spoiled and extremely well loved.

Any advice to deter the pecking would be great.

Thanks so much!



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iOMGosh! That picture is priceless....very unusual pose for a bird.
Regarding the pecking...most peck...some more than others. Pigeons don't seem to make a connection that the hand is attached to the human they love but rather an alien that needs to be conquered and killed.
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