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Hello Pigeons.biz,
We have some exciting news: effective today, we have transferred ownership of Pigeon-Talk to a new owner. Pigeon-Talk is now part of a family of websites owned by VerticalScope Inc. This is a great thing for the forum members. VerticalScope brings capital, staff and marketing to really take the site to the next level. This means more options and more opportunities for Pigeon-Talk members.
A quick THANKS goes out to the mods here, as they are the ones who really keep Pigeon-Talk running on a daily basis.

How does this affect you?
The beautiful part is it doesn't affect you at all. All the mods stay just as they are and our devoted members continue to enjoy the site as always. Other than a new admin behind the scenes, Pigeon-Talk continues as it always has. VerticalScope will take over the hosting, technical support and financial stuff related to the site.
VerticalScope has a huge network of sites- over 200, and the resources to support and maintain Pigeon-Talk and keep it running and updated as needed.
With the resources available to VerticalScope, we are sure the site is on the cusp of great things.
We loved our time with Pigeon-Talk and we wish you all the best..!
Aviv Eliezer, CEO
Keebali Media

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Hello everyone,

My name is Philip, I am a community manager for VerticalScope.com, I work with a small team that will continue to manage the webmaster duties for pigeons.biz along with the current moderator team.

We are here to help primarily with the technical end of things and help make the jobs of the current Mods/Admins easier. I posted a real basic run down to answer common questions below. If you have more questions or concerns please feel free to post them in response.

What are our intentions?

We bring reliability, support and the infrastructure needed to ensure that the community will continue to be around for years to come. It’s our goal to work with the mod/admin team to help provide the resources and required work to give this community a broader reach, to attract new members, and to better the overall knowledge shared in the community.

Will leadership change?

Continuity is the focus here, YOU as the membership work very hard to keep building this community while your mod/admin team keep the walls and the roof up in this place; we are primarily here to make sure the lights stay on. Every community is unique and should always be respected in that regard. You all have established your own unique rules and regulations and a strong reputation that is carried by all of this. For us it’s paramount to maintain this level of integrity and enthusiasm.

What am I here for?

Our primary role is to be the technical contact; you all contributed to building the strong foundation the site was built on. Moving forward we will all work together to keep the momentum and the community growing. We will be on the forum checking in daily to make sure regular maintenance is taken care of and keeping things running smoothly from behind the scenes. We will also be setting up a help desk on the site for when you have questions or issues with the site or your account and need assistance.

Looking forward to working with you all.


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