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Another Coopers Hawk!

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I was inside the barn, sorting baby chicks, getting ready to set more eggs in the incubator and I had some of my birds out. They usually fly into the barn and watch whatever I am doing or try to get back into the roosting/nest area from inside the barn.
Anyway, I hear this commotion and all of a sudden six f my birds come flying into the barn and right behind them is a coopers hawk! I do not know who was more stunned, me or the hawk. He dropped the cock bird he had caught and took off to a tree.
I got a bottle rocket and shot it towards him and he left.
Last week I had a coopers hawk inside another loft on which I had forgot to lock the bob trap. It had killed one pigeon and flying around inside trying to get out when he saw me. I do not know if it was the same hawk as last week, but I am gonna get some super duper extra loud rockets and try to care it away from my barns.
It is a beautiful bird, it is just not welcome here!
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Wow...sounds like they are very hungry and/or have hungry mouths to feed.

Is the cock bird he dropped okay?
I hear ya! I just walked out in the yard and a bird was coming in from a race and just as it landed, Mr. Cooper was headed that way...I screamed and clapped my hands and he took off back up into the trees.......the bird trapped and that's my story........WHEW!.:) That was a close call.......:eek:
The cock bird was stunned and flapping around on the ground. My female poodle was sitting net to him, whining and trying to get my attention. I picked him up and put him back in one of the dark nest boxes and he recovered fine.
I hope I scared that hawk into the next county!

I am surprised that you had the time to get some bottled rocket. This what happened to me one time. The hawk got one of my birds and they landed on my neighbor's yard. Obviously I went there to scare and retrieve my birds. Unbeknownst to me while I was retrieving my dead bird, the hawk went to get my other birds. We were like playing catch me if you can while the damn hawk was trying to catch my birds. I lost 3 that day with 2 rescue.
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