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Another Cute Pete & George Story

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Another great Pete-Georgie moment this morn -- sorry I can't catch these on film or video. Georgie is in amore mode, so he keeps hopping down into the nest, crowing at Pete until she gets off the eggs, then follows her wherever she goes, looking to play and cuddle. Pete gets off the eggs because she thinks Georgie wants to sit on them. So after a few rounds of this, Georgie went over to Pete and pecked her fairly hard on the back and the top of her head — and it was on! Pete chased him out of the nest and pushed him off the TV. I grabbed George and calmed him down some, then he went back and they started tussling again. Gave Georgie a timeout, then he hopped back into the bedroom and flew up to the nest area again and started cooing and twitching his wing. Then it hit me — poor little fella was trying to kiss Pete, not bite her or harass her. Because of some lingering PMV effects (he had it before I rescued him), his attempt to kiss and preen came off as hostile to Pete, who is in protective mode when she’s on the eggs. This time, he leaned in slowly and lightly put a sweet kiss on Pete and preened her gently. She cooed back and accepted his affection — very sweet.
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How heartwarming, Derrick!! That is the cutest update!!

I hear what you say about their preening and cuddling!! Woe and Gimie do the same thing. They do a lot of kissy beak. Sometimes, when Gimie is upset with him about something, she will give him a tug on top of his head.

She does the same with Dom, who was her original cage mate, but Dom just comes back for more, spreading his tail along the way! She tolerates Dom but has chosen Woe as her mate. Some hens like the exotic type! (she's a check feral and Woe is a West of England Tumbler)

We send all the best to George and Pete and look forward to future updates!

Love, Hugs and Scritches

Shi/Squeaks/Dom/Gimie/WoeBeGone :)
Derrick, that is a sweet story. Poor little Georgie, just trying to woo his girl and she won't accept his advances. LOL, I would love to see that. I'm glad he realized he was going about it the wrong way and she accepts his gentler affections. Thanks for sharing that with us.
Sweet... :p :D

Never a dull moment, huh Derrick?
Shi, Maggie and Treesa -- Yes, never a dull moment with The Cuddlebugs. They are a cute couple, and as I often say, we humans could learn a lot about love from pigeons. It cuts both ways -- Pete will try to give George a kiss and preen after some fussing, and George will pull away, thinking she is trying to peck him. I took a few pics of them cuddling in the nest this morning with my phone -- if they are decent, I will post them.
Cute story Derrick! Looking forward to a picture of them both.:)
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