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Ill have to admit, with this pair, no we havent called yet.

Ive called every with every other pigeon that has come in, and 100% of the time Im told they dont care, euthanize, the bird is no good sick/broken. I know its not a good excuse, Im just tired of hearing the owners not care.

But since there are enough of you on here saying to call them, Ill stop slacking and give them a call. I have the information. I was just trying to gauge an interest just in case the owners dont want them back.

Theyre still too thin, at least the female, to release for a flight back to Louisiana from the east coast of florida, especially if shes going to be laying soon. But theyre eating very well and gaining weight every day. Ive put them on the pigeon mix and pigeon grit I feed my own pigeon.

Im on lunch right now, but Ill give the owners a call when I get back.

On a side note, Im also having to tube feed a feral pigeon who is too thin and weak to feed himself (he's only 177 grams =( ), and Im also caring for two baby mourning doves. The tips on this site are great!
Good work, let us know what happens.:)
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