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Any Vitamin Suggestions?

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I'm wondering if anyone can give me suggestions for a good all-around vitamin for my rescued pet homer; I'm particularly concerned about vitamin D.

Since Willie was rescued, he's been indoors; it's been almost a month now.
Our weather has been very unsettled; as soon as it's reliably warm, I can put Willie's cage on the balcony and sit with him for a little while a few days a week, so that he can get some sun. But I'm concerned that this won't be enough for him.

I've had vitamins for my other birds that can be put in the drinking water, but this is my first time trying to 'vitamin' a pigeon. I'd appreciate suggestions from folks who have lots of experience with pigeons. If it helps in understanding his needs, Willie is never going to be released, and isn't going to be a performance pidge; but even in his cage he is very energetic, and I am hoping that he will soon get more exercise as I allow him flying time in the house.

Thanks very much,

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I would recommend going to http://www.foyspigeonsupplies.com/catalog/index.html they have a lot of different vitamins for pigeons. I would also highly suggest going down to your local pet store and getting a UV florescent light to put on top of the cage. You can usually find them in the reptile section. The fixture and bulb will come as a combo and usually costs around $30 but the bulb puts out UVa and UVB rays for about 4-6 months before you would need to replace it.
For vitamin D3 intake, I recommend just giving a drop of organic mercury free cod liver oil over the seed once a month, it's the most excellent source, and easily absorbable, and it contains A and E together with D3 in it's most natural state.
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