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Anyone Looking for Lost Archangel Pigeon in Ocean County NJ

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Hi I spotted an archangel pigeon today at my job when I left work at 5pm est he/she was still hanging around standing on a mat infront of another office I wasnot able to read the band and didnt want to chase him to try and catch him, i'm going back to put a box with some birdseed in to give it some food and shelter and water of course.
the local animal shelter wouldnt come get it thinking it was a racing or homing pigeon any suggestions please email me at [email protected] thanks
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I have moved this post to its own thread and posted to bump it up for more exposure, I sure hope the owner is found.

PLEASE do catch it and put it inside a cage. Then post the entire band number so the owner can be located.

Here is an easy trap method:

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