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Anyone Looking for Lost Archangel Pigeon in Ocean County NJ

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Hi I spotted an archangel pigeon today at my job when I left work at 5pm est he/she was still hanging around standing on a mat infront of another office I wasnot able to read the band and didnt want to chase him to try and catch him, i'm going back to put a box with some birdseed in to give it some food and shelter and water of course.
the local animal shelter wouldnt come get it thinking it was a racing or homing pigeon any suggestions please email me at [email protected] thanks
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thanks for the link , the poor thing is still here I wasnt able to get back last night I did give it some seed's this mornig from crushed nutiberries ( I own parrots) and he did eat but someone was walking by and he got scared.

I was just on break and tried to go give it some food and he flew off but he didnt look like he was flying right I hope I can catch him later if he is still around
I have moved this post to its own thread and posted to bump it up for more exposure, I sure hope the owner is found.

PLEASE do catch it and put it inside a cage. Then post the entire band number so the owner can be located.

Here is an easy trap method:


I was not able to get the whole band number but it had AA and the last number lookes like 5. He's scared so he keeps walking of or flying I got a coouple of those paper boxes to try and get him, I am going to cut a hole in the lide and cover the whole with screen so he has lite and air do you know if there are any bands that start with AA?

I didnt try to get hime yer because I didnt have anyone to help me but I will try tonight.

Just out of curiosity why cant you put the bird in a cage?
Who said you can't put the bird in a cage? If the cage is big enough, that would be fine.
There's really no way to trace a band unless we have all of the information, so we'll just have to wait until you catch it and see what all of the info is on the band.
never mind i read the post wrong sorry I'm so upset that I cant get the bird because she is scared
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