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Once again I wanted to invite you to the Marion County [FL] RPC, 2nd Annual 300 Mile Futurity Race. We will host 2 races this year. The Gold Band Race and Auction Race.

The Auction Band Race is from Griffin, GA which for me is 312 miles. We offer special auction bands at a price of 6 for $90 or you may opt to use your own bands (as long as they are IF or AU), and pay $20 per bird for that race. Last year we raised $3350 minus expenses and paid out to the 10th spot. Payouts where: 1st-1000, 2nd-750, 3rd-500, 4th-400, 5th-300, 6th-150, 7th-100 and 8th-10th-50. I hope we exceed that this year. From that race only 40 birds where shipped to the race as like so many fliers from across the country, losses where seemingly high. We placed 5th in this race last year with a bird we purchased from a club mate at the live auction.

The Gold Band Race is also from Griffin, GA. Again those require the special bands which are 5 for $100. We raised $3250 for payouts minus expenses: 1st-1000, 2nd-600, 3rd-350, 4th-250, 5th-150, 6th-8th-100, 9th-75 and 10th-12th-50. For this race once again due to high losses, only 45 birds where shipped to this race.

Both races are handled by the active members of the MCRPC, so 7 different lofts, making this a Futurity Style Race. I decided last year that I would open up both of these races to OOA breeders as a way of generating additional revenue for the club, as a handler. Other members have done the same. Being that I also purchase auction and gold bands, I can only handle 25 Gold Band birds and 30 Auction birds due to space limitations and have asked that OOA breeders ship the birds before the deadline.

I hope I have answered all your questions and look forward to your participation. Please go to www.timberlofts.net for more information and to reserve your spot. Bands are available NOW but space is limited! Spots will be assigned on a first-come, first-paid, entry.
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